Lemons and Lemonade

Lou says “Surprise!”
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Last Thursday was a pretty normal day. We were getting ready to head up to the Northeast on Saturday to surprise Simon’s mom for her birthday, and I’d gone for a much needed hair appointment. I sprinted from the salon to the bus station, made the bus, and got home…and decided that Friday evening and Saturday morning were PLENTY of time to finish laundry and packing and tidying the house for Simon’s friend to spend the night and watch Daisy for us.

Lemon Number One: Friday morning before he left for work, Simon popped our duvet cover and spare sheets into the wash so that his friend would have a clean bed to share with Daisy. I went down around 8am to take that out and put some clothes in, and found that the washer was standing in water. Not good, and not the first time it’s done that. Did I mention it is a front loader? Kitchen was nearly standing in water as well! I removed the duvet cover and started the thing again with just a sheet left inside in the hopes that it would drain. I checked on it as I was leaving for work and found it again standing in water but THIS time, as a special bonus, the water was foamy. At least I learned my lesson from the first waterfall and left the door shut.

Lemon Number Two: Friday night we had a mandatory training at work…after work…on Friday night. I got out of there at about quarter to eight, caught two well timed trains, and made it to Keighley in time to RUN to the bus station in the hopes of catching the 9pm bus to home (after 6:30 pm, really, the buses only run once every hour). Once again, however, I found myself at the bus station as the flipping bus was pulling out of the station…literally, I made EYE CONTACT with the driver as he left the stand. You can imagine my joy at the mile long walk home in the dark.

Lemon Number Three: To quote my husband, our washing machine is “completely buggered.” Bless him, he went out Friday night in search of a laundrette so that we’d have bedding for Ste and underclothes for ourselves and all were closed, so he had to go back Saturday morning. We left for the Northeast about an hour later than we’d planned due to having to wait on the tumble dryers at the laundrette.

Lemonade: Look at the expression on my mother in law’s face in that photo. She had no idea that all four of her children, two daughters in law, one son in law, and three granddaughters were coming to take her to dinner for her birthday, and we could hear her almost squealing when she opened the door and found the girls there, claiming to be lost. (The adults were all in various states of crouch behind the hedge.) She wore that grin for most of the night and into the next morning. Simon’s entire family has been so kind to me since I got here in April, and his parents have welcomed me into their family like I’ve always been there. Good times and nothing but lemonade.

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