Outings in the Rain and other dislikes…

I like not having to drive when I go somewhere as far away from my house as Leeds. I like that all grocery stores will deliver my groceries to my door if my husband didn’t just love grocery shopping too much to give it up. I like that people call me “luv” and tell me that my accent is Gorr-jus. I like that I can take Daisy on buses and trains and no one bats an eyelash. I like Carex hand soap, the blue kind, because the Aloe Vera green kind smells weird. I like that I can get the same kind of Dove soap I use in the US here in the UK. I like Red Leicester cheese and ASDA brand melba toast. I really like Marmite breadsticks and can’t wait to try Twiglets.

I don’t like going anywhere when it’s raining. I don’t like rainy days where the wind can’t pick a direction and turns my umbrella back inside out faster than I can right it. I don’t like cars that intentionally pull over toward the pavement I’m standing on to splash me while I’m waiting to cross the street. I don’t like taxi drivers that refuse to take my dog in their taxis, even if it’s to go to the vet. I don’t like people who stand in bookstores and very loudly criticise America when I’m standing right nearby and have just asked if I can help. I don’t like stairs. I’ve fallen down two flights of them in three weeks. I don’t like having my only bathroom at home be on the top floor of my house. See above comment about stairs.

If you look at those two paragraphs and count the sentences I think you’ll find that the first one is longer than the second one. That’s huge progress for me. Finding my way to my job on my own for three weeks is huge progress for me, considering it involves two busses and four trains for the entire round trip. The fact that I’m working somewhere that requires me to talk to strangers every minute of every day that I’m there is huge beyond measure…I still make Simon call to order takeaway.

But the biggest huge is that while I’m looking forward to our trip to America at the end of October my entire life isn’t hinging on it as it did on the one in June. Well, at least today it isn’t…

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