Coming out of the tunnel

This past week has felt like I’ve been in a long tunnel, like the one between Shipley and Leeds on the Leeds/Skipton train, except without the ears popping. I started my new job a week ago Sunday, and in those nine days have learned to navigate the railway system, use a till correctly, order books in the system, and find the strength to keep moving for four hours without a break. I’ve also learned that the conductor for the London KX train in Leeds will not wait for love nor money if I’m there one minute before departure…but that’s more a lesson in patience for me, isn’t it?

I’m liking my job, if not the commute. To get there I take a bus to the train station, a train to Leeds and then another train to Wakefield, then walk about half a mile to the shopping centre where the bookstore is. On the way home, rinse and repeat. It isn’t so bad when my iPod is cranking and I’ve got a book to read, but I do hate having to stand on the train on the way home because everyone and their brother’s dogs are traveling at the same time I am. Who knew Keighley was that popular?

Yesterday was another small victory…Simon and I went to Costco to renew our memberships (which, by the way, Costco cancelled and I’m SURE it had to do with that American Express Card) and we were able to get a Yorkshire Family Day Rover ticket to go. That covered our bus and train travel anywhere in Yorkshire, and for two people the £8 fee is very very reasonable. We got to Leeds, walked to the bus station (though we could have gotten a bus there), then caught a bus that took us almost to Costco’s car park. We could have made purchases and lugged them back on the bus, it was that close, but instead we went to Nando’s for dinner before heading back to Keighley.

Mmmmm Nando’s. That is going to be one of the drawbacks to moving back to the States…no Nando’s.

So now bank holiday is over and I’m back to work today…and tomorrow…and then not again till the following Wednesday. Can’t complain there. I feel like I’m coming out of the tunnel of my first week at a retail job and into the sunlight of knowing where I’m going, what train to get, etc etc.

Only we don’t have sunshine here, really…I’d better check those timetables again.

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