Hello…from the edge of the world…

Not really. Perhaps one of the more northern corners, though.

Today we visited Dunstanburgh Castle, or the ruins thereof. The place is almost fairytale like in its simplicity, its history, and its massive fields where Sheep May Safely Graze (nods to Bach, my parents, and an English friend of theirs)…and Walk Right Past You.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no city girl, really…I know what sheep are, and I know how big they are…but to visit your grandmother’s former farm when you’re very little and see the one or two cows there, or to visit a working farm where Sheep Are Safely Grazing Behind Fences is a very different thing to walking along a path and seeing them not five feet from you. My niece kept saying she wanted to touch one, but we convinced her that they weren’t tame and wouldn’t stand for such treatment.

Here’s the part where I eat a little crow, but only just a little. Ben, I now understand why when you were up on that hilltop in Wales and the sheep stared at you it was a bit unnerving. They’re strange creatures, sheep, with their “strange, wide, staring yellow eyes,” as my father-in-law so aptly put it today. These weren’t wild animals, certainly, but they’re close, living up on this wild and wonderful hillside with nothing but clover and sky and ocean.

Oh, and rock. Let’s not forget the rocks. Clumsy Nancy+Path With Many Rocks=me imploring my niece not to try to hold onto me lest we both go arse over teakettle down to the rocks and surf.

Well, I didn’t say arse. In fact, I am not sure I said teakettle. But we did have to stop holding hands until we at least got on to the thickest grass I’ve felt under my feet outside of a golf course. I wanted to curl up in it and take a nap…and all I could think of was my Daisy bounding over those hills…and running nose to nose into a sheep and then fleeing for her life.

It was a good day but I’m completely exhausted and my back is still screaming from the fall down the stairs. I’m all right if I’m walking around, but sitting is a nightmare and GOD FORBID I should change positions. I may take my pillow and get down on the floor, but I don’t think that will help.

Tomorrow is back to reality, away from this magical fairy land. I’ll be taking back 100+ photos and the big smile you see in that picture…and making plans for my next trip. Bamburgh and Alnwick Castles, you are ON MY LIST.

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