So I made it down the slippery rocks…

Cragside House
Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

…but not down the stairs.

We went to Cragside House today in the rain and fog. The path leading down from the front of the house is wide rocks and is slippery. I navigated them like a champ, even paying more attention to my niece than where I was walking to make sure SHE didn’t fall. I was even taking pictures and more worried about where the camera was than where I was placing my feet, and not even a stumble. Maybe that was the key.

After we got home, I had just read her a bedtime story and was coming downstairs with my laptop and blackberry in my hands. My mother in law was on the phone, and I was coming down as quietly as I could to the sitting room…and then at some point something happened…there was slipping and pain and an attempt to NOT let my laptop go flying. And from now until eternity (or it’s fixed) there will be a lovely mark on the wall in the stairwell at my parents in law’s house where the laptop crashed into the wall as my tailbone crashed into the steps.

Bless her, my mother in law (and sister in law, who was the person on the phone) were very concerned but I’m none the worse for wear. A bit sore is all…tailbone and ankles and definitely ego. Dangerprone Daphne Stikes Again!

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