Blooming in August

Macro Berry
Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

So what’s new with us?

Daisy will be five years old tomorrow. But that’s a post for tomorrow.

I got a job…I start part time with Waterstone’s Books in Wakefield on 23rd August. I’m amazed that they wanted me, actually…everything that could have gone wrong on the way to the interview did and I arrived hot, sweaty, tired, and wearing shoes that were a half size too small. I have blisters on TOP of blisters…but that was as good an excuse as any to pop into Clark’s for another pair, don’t you think?

I have experienced being utterly ignored by a bus three times in the last few days, so that’s also new. There’s something special about arriving at the stop, turning to see the bus coming and then watching it whiz by the stop without even braking. I know it’s not because I’ve had Daisy with me either, because dogs are allowed on public transport.

We’ve had new blooms in the back garden, including the strange little berry in the photo above. I have made it to Wakefield and back on my own, even having to buy a ticket on the train by myself and manage to figure out which train went from Leeds to Wakefield. No small feat for a shy girl from Georgia, hey? Counted in the vein of small victories…

Next week I’ll be heading north to Newcastle to visit my mother and father in law for a few days. Photo opportunities abound! So that’s new as well…

I’ll round out this terribly and happily mundane post with a funny story from a recent shopping trip. We’d added a soup bone to the grocery list for Daisy because her teeth are getting a bit manky in spots.. Simon and I were at ASDA (Walmart) on Sunday and we stopped at the butcher counter to see if they had any soup bones. Now I’m always worried that someone won’t understand me or vice versa so I tend to make Simon ask for things. The woman said that they did, and took us to So and So who would show us where they were. Thinking it odd that they weren’t in the butcher section but going with the flow because HEY this is a foreign country and all, we soon ended up in the housewares department looking at…

Wait for it…

Can you guess?

Soup BOWLS. Now if only she’d given us a bone to make some broth to EAT out of them…

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