Don’t panic, it’s nothing like that. Just that I came back from our American vacation feeling like I could do anything, take over the world, fly, etc. and all that positive thinking went straight out our non-double glazed windows the minute my rear end hit the futon.

Why? I’m not really sure. People tell me that I’m under a lot of stress, that I’m trying to do so many things at once, that trying to start a family in a new country while still dealing with the loss of my two best canine friends and my lack of employment etc is more than any one person should have to bear and I need to just take things as they come.

That would fly with me if this were still April. Or even May, really, but it’s July, almost August. There is no reason why I should be still stuck in this rut, but the fact is I am and I need to get a ladder and climb on out, already.

I do have my little victories, don’t get me wrong. I met Simon at ASDA on Monday after having made a stop off at another shop on the way and didn’t get lost (I did, however, get a blister on my heel because my shoe kept eating my sock, but that’s neither here nor there). Last night I made us a “Summer Dinner” for tea that would have made my mother proud: BBQ baked chicken, Kraft mac and cheese (the blue box…yummmmm), and a mixed fruit salad made of melon, nectarine, and pear.

In other news, I have a job app out there for a part time receptionist position and a lead on a work-from-home job, either of which would give us a bit of extra money and would keep me busy, so you four or five Lettuce readers cross your fingers. Off I go now to get some laundry done and hung outside…so that it will rain. No drought here, no sir-ee.

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  1. You might be under just a *tad* bit of stress. Just a bit :)Personally, I envy your ability to explore a new place. I think that is one of the best parts of a new home. It's like a little adventure everyday!

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