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I’m back now from our vacation to the US, and I am just about over the stuffy head/sore throat I brought back. I’m trying really hard not to fall back into the place where I was before we left, and instead trying to focus on positives. It’s like I have a camera lens for a brain and every so often I have to adjust the focus because I can’t see anything clearly beyond the end of my own nose.

Already today I’ve done…nothing. To be fair, I really want whatever has invaded my sinuses to vacate, and I know full well that if I overdo it I’ll be right back where I was as the plane was taking off on Tuesday…a head full of guck and problems swallowing.

Maybe I’m not ready to let go of being on vacation and not having responsibilities. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to do so much while we were in America that we didn’t rest or relax much. Maybe there’s still a bit of homesickness hanging out in the farthest corner of my brain, underneath Algebra and other things that I was promised would be useful when I grew up.

I did find it strangely comforting to get off the plane at Manchester Airport and find that process so familiar. I found the train, sat down with the latest Sookie Stackhouse book and I was back home again, complete with rolling hills out the train window and Turkey’s Eurovision entry in my ears.

I’m lucky that I didn’t have to rush back to work and I can ease out of vacation mode…but at the same time a bit of distraction wouldn’t hurt.

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