Almost back home…

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Simon just reminded me that in 48hrs I will be back home and I’m surprisingly excited. I was a bit sad yesterday, and honestly it was because I was feeling like I wasn’t sure where I belonged. When I’m with Simon I know where I belong, and when he left I was surprisingly lost. Well, not surprising I guess because I belong with my husband, but I thought that it would be just more of the same, hanging out with family and friends and loving being in America.

While I did do all that, I felt out of sorts somehow. It’s a strange feeling, the first time you come back to your home country yet you don’t have a “home.” I visited Anne and stayed in the room I lived in back in March, but it was different. Before when I’d visit Simon, I’d come back home to my home, so this time I’m really a visitor in the States. I even find myself referring to Keighley as home, which is a bittersweet small victory (nod to Katy and Christine Kane, there).

Today is a bit of shopping with Mom and Dad and then the monumental task of shoving toothpaste back in the tube…otherwise known as packing suitcases. Heaven help me come Christmas time if we have to take back gifts on a 1 checked bag each allowance. I just hope the sniffer dogs at the airports aren’t fond of Zebra Cakes or Kraft Dinners!