Nothing wrong with being cautious…

are you my mummy?
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I’ve finally figured out Twitter! I know, I’m out of the loop and probably so behind the times that I’m under them, but I’m starting to make friends…that are in Keighley no less! I’ve also discovered a network of social agencies that use Twitter to get their respective words out, and I’m re-tweeting as much as I can to do my part.

In other news, today I actually found a job and have requested an application pack. Cross your collective fingers that they will want to interview me. It’s a teaching assistant position and it isn’t too far from home so I think I could find my way there without too much trouble. It doesn’t start till September and follows the school term, which leaves me with summers for travel.

Things are starting to settle for me here I think, though that could be just that I’m giving up and going with the flow. Or, it could be that I’m more encouraged because in a month and two days I’ll be on my way to the States for a visit. Either way, I’ve gotten loads of laundry done today and the kitchen is relatively tidy…I’ve even hung said laundry out and then turned around and rescued it from the rain.

Last weekend was a hoot. Simon and I went with his sister Louise and our two nieces to Haworth for the 1940s weekend. I’m an amateur history buff and the 1940s is one of my favorite decades in history. The re-enactors were incredible in the detail in their costuming! I could feel the need for a sewing machine and some fabric bubbling in my soul, so we may have to visit that idea when we have a bit more money in the old bank. The picture in this post is from Haworth and is a mannequin sporting a gas mask…so I couldn’t help the title. I admit it, I adore Doctor Who!

Wednesday is on its way out…Thursday is on its way, and then Friday which starts a Bank Holiday weekend/Memorial Day weekend in the States. I’ll be spending my holiday going to Costco. The excitement of being an expat! I’ll be sure to take some tissues for the weeping that always happens when I enter America-Lite…

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