Still blurry, but clearing…

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Wow, what a Pitay-Partay I have been throwing for the past few days! Yesterday I actually blew some of the proverbial cobwebs out and got two loads of laundry done and rearranged some upstairs. My next big project, and this is hush hush between me and you 5-10 readers that I have, is to try to convince Simon to rearrange either the bedroom or the kitchen. I’m not holding my breath, though, because that shade of blue doesn’t really suit me.

I’m feeling better today, better than yesterday, though I would still give my eye-teeth (what are those anyway? Did I have them pulled before I got my braces?) to have a dryer and a dishwasher. I’m getting my National Insurance number squared away and then I can start applying for jobs. There are two on my radar, both library jobs which I would LOVE and would be very familiar to me (Thank you and Much Love to Papa Rich and Duckworth Library!!). One is in Keighley and one in Shipley, and either would be pretty easy to get to transport-wise. Also, they’re both part time, so I can ease into life without my career while I’m hopefully taking BSL classes.

And speaking of sign language…One of my goals today is to get a post up on Nerda’s World. While I do the crazy person thing and sign to the dogs and myself almost all day, I need to have feedback from real live deaf people. Look for that by the end of the day today…

So that’s me, still in a bit of a blur but clearing up somewhat…but still, if I’m honest, very much looking forward to the end of June. TakoSushi here I come.

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