Pounds and Pounds of Glass

For Anne
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I’ve found my favorite thing to do. Clean the kitchen. In the three weeks I’ve been here, I’ve reorganized the fridge at least four times. Basically it becomes a need every time we shop, feed the dogs, or Simon gets anywhere near it.

I’ve never really been organized, so this is new for me. We had to get a new dish drainer because the old one was plastic and can get moldy. I bought a brush for washing dishes because I can’t abide sponges. Harbingers for germs, they are! Mom is going to send me a Swiffer mop and I can’t wait because I’ve been cleaning the floor with antibacterial wipes, while on hands and knees.

Mops/buckets occupy the same rung of the GACK ladder as sponges. Gross Gross Gross.

I would like to report that my cleanliness has extended to the rest of the house, but so far only to vacuuming and that’s probably only because I thought someone was coming to see the house on Wednesday…someone who never showed up.

Now if only I could magically create more space in the kitchen. We have so many glasses and cups and so on and so forth and not enough room for all of it. Thank goodness I only brought four mugs with me!

In other news, might be going out with Simon’s friends tonight. Not sure that I really want to because we’ll be out all weekend and I hate leaving the dogs here alone, but I guess it won’t be too bad.

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