Small Victories

Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

(This post is for Katy…bigger and bigger glimmers. Absolutely.)

When I start missing home and wondering why I’ve moved here, all I have to do is look around. The picture here is what I saw as I started back down the Main Street in Haworth. Please take a minute to follow the link and look at it full size so you can see the gorgeous countryside beyond the buildings.

Yorkshire. That’s why I’m here. It is absolutely beautiful here. No smog. No giant concrete skyscrapers (well, not really). Just moors and dales and small farms and sheep and beauty everywhere. This is my first time in the UK in springtime and I love it.

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  1. wait..what?…is that, could that be a net I see under me? …No, couldn\’t be! ;)Thanks for the post… it really is beautiful; can\’t wait to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Some choices hold you down, some chances set you free. True biz. Come on anytime!! Hope we\’ll get to see y\’all in June/July, too!


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