On the road…er…in the air again…er…

With shoes for perspective
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So, here’s an update/timeline for you three or four loyal readers that I have here at the Lettuce…

23 March
Receive check for retirement account refund from SCDMH. Do myriad of happy dances. Make mental note to include myriad in next blog post. Rediscover twitter, twitpic, and blip.fm. Completely lose control of rest of day.

24 March
Stop happy dancing at news that funds will not be available to use for flights, luggage, sushi, etc. until possibly 25-26 March. Resolve to charge now, pay later, and hope that the pet relocation people won’t be too quick to turn in the debit to the bank.

25 March
Book travel for everyone except me. Have short breakdown over thoughts of sending my precious ones in a plane without me, then put my chin back up and move on. Remind self that I must learn to at least look British. Hold chin a bit higher, stiffen lip, and fill out mountains of forms for animal travel. Book final appointment with vet for 31 March.

26 March
Surf around checking out flights. Discover that BA is, oddly enough, cheaper than Delta regardless of not being a non-stop. Purchase terrifically snazzy carry on bag at Garden Ridge and resolve to purchase entire new set of GOOD luggage for journey. Set leave date for 7 April. Decide to wait one more day to purchase ticket.

That brings us to today…and I still haven’t purchased my ticket. It’s going to have to be today, though, because I don’t think the sweet fare on BA will last much longer. All the holds placed on the funds in my account are lifted, so I can get my ticket as well as pay off my credit cards. So things are looking up…until I think of how much I’ll miss Greenville when I drive down main street…or shop at Target…or just drive my car. But the changes coming will be good and are needed, I think. Now if I can just figure out what to do with the stuff that’s left behind!

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