Let it snow, let it snow…

Let it snow, let it snow…
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Finally we’re settled, sort of, at Anne’s…after a rainy two days loading a moving truck (that wasn’t big enough), a third day of trying to move in the snow (you haven’t lived till you’ve carried a desk down a snowy stair with quarter sized snowflakes getting caught in your eyelashes…and a fourth day of basically squatting in my former house waiting for my parents to return with a rental van to get the rest of my junk.

But during that snowy adventure I saw my Daisy girl play, really PLAY with her new housemate Ray. My Mills has achieved a new level of brave living with his new feline housemate, Molly. And I’ve pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do…and I’m not dead…yet.

Now, off to sell my car…anyone want a 2003 Honda Element with almost 190k miles on it? The Hounda is a Good Good Car that has been very good to me and the dogs. It’s a Honda, so it probably has another 100k in it. Going for $7k…which is a steal for one of the first Elements to roll off the assembly line if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow…”

  1. Awww gee Nancy if we were closer I WOULD buy your car… Elements are SO much better for my dogs than my Accord…. wahhhh…. would have even done a straight trade and you could have sold mine, which is worth more.. being an Accord and a year newer.. ah well, such is life! I need a blog 🙁 So Anne has moved and no one told me??? wahhhhh

  2. It\’s all good, Carla. I\’m hoping that a dog person can use it (and will pay what I\’m asking) but if not I will sell it to whomever can give me the $$ for it! 🙂

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