Things That I Know

I know that not everyone thinks my move is a good idea.

I know that it is not going to be an easy thing, even after I get to the UK.

I know that not everyone understands how I feel about my animals, and that some people think that paying money to move them to the UK with me is unreasonable.

I know these things. What you, the unamed masses who unwittingly strive to make me feel guilty or down on myself or otherwise negative toward the upcoming change in my life, what you need to know is this. To quote Christine Kane, “some choices hold you down. Some chances set you free.”

The chance to be Simon’s wife and to have him in my life is one that will set me free. Free to be who I am. Free to live and to love. I can’t pass on that chance. I won’t.

That is at the root of the things I know.

Thus ends my rant.

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