Almost ready…

I’m almost ready to go upstairs and get into that big bed alone. Well, alone until Daisy figures out that I’m alone and joins me…and until Mills wraps himself around my head and purrs.

Simon’s plane has crossed into UK airspace which means I can’t use the flight tracking software I found online to watch where he is anymore. Last I looked he was over the big blue ocean…


I am constantly amazed at the attitude a lot of people have nowadays that they are the only person on the earth. I will admit that, as I was watching Simon wind through the line for the security checkpoint, I was hoping that I was the only person on earth. I was standing there crying my head off, looking like a total nutter. When I lost sight of him I started for the car, tears bouncing off my scarf. As I stepped through the automatic doors out into the drizzly afternoon, my ears were assaulted by some guy on a mobile phone, screaming about text messages. He was apparently on his way to Florida. He didn’t get the text message someone sent him and he didn’t want them to effing ever send another one. People were staring. I was staring. And for a moment I forgot the searing pain in my heart and replaced my tears with laughter at this sad little man who had nothing better to do than make a fool of himself screaming in public.

When his eyes met mine across the way and he saw me laughing at him, I moved back into abject pain and averted my again tear-filled eyes. Don’t get me wrong, he still looked ridiculous screaming into the phone…but he also looked like he could have pitched that phone like John Smoltz and lodge it right between my eyes.

I’m home now. The house is quiet and lonely, despite the three greyhounds and a cat that are trying their best to distract me. My eyes are getting heavy so maybe I can make it upstairs to sleep. If not I suppose I can sleep in my chair.

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