D is for depression…the one impending because after today I’m functioning with only half of myself. Simon goes back to England today.

D is for Daisy…the bright spot in my day and the first one to give me consoling kisses when I wake up in bed alone tomorrow. Not that I want the kisses, mind you, but that never seems to stop her.

D is for downtown…as in where I hope all the traffic is in Atlanta today so I can get in and out of the airport quickly and not have to sit on 85 for too long.

D is for…well, I can’t say that word, but it has to do with having to wait until my visa is approved to see Simon again.

It’s D-day, and I’ve got to go hop in the shower so that we can run last minute errands before taking my heart to Hartsfield and leaving it on the other side of the security barrier. Later, internet.

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