Road Trips and Disappointments

This is the last weekend that Simon is here in the states before he returns to the UK, and I thought we’d do something cool. We left yesterday (later than intended) to go to Helen, GA and I’d planned to take him to Young Harris College as well so he could see the little valley that nearly ruined my life…I mean “where youth are inspired,” and I spent the first two years of my college career.

Disappointment number one: We still haven’t received the marriage license in the mail from Fulton County (Atlanta) so we still have no real idea when I’ll be able to join him in the UK.

Disappointment number two: A paycheck from a job I did is late, so I have little to no cash and bills to pay. I know, that’s the American Dream these days, but it still puts a damper on Road Tripping.

We headed out (late) and made it to Helen with the dogs around 3:30pm. Helen, when I was kid and then at Young Harris, was this cutesy little place where I could spend too much money and at the least get some fudge that would make Jenny Craig sit up and pay attention. What happened? Did I grow up or did the cutesy facade fall away, revealing a tired old town without much to offer save a great ice cream place on the outskirts of town and a nifty fountain? Anyway, that was a disappointment. I’d been talking about taking him to Helen and how much fun I used to have there as a kid, and we basically parked, walked, and got back in the car…all in the space of about an hour.

Having officially given up on Young Harris because I knew that would just be more disappointing, we drove toward Cleveland (we promised my parents a visit) and took a detour up toward Unicoi Gap State Park. “It’s so pretty up there,” I promised Simon. Yeah, it’s pretty…in the spring when things are blooming, or in the summer when all is verdant and lush….or in the fall when then the leaves are fantastic shades of autumn. Not so much in January. I called Dad to see if we could at least see Anna Ruby Falls from the car (it was getting colder and the dogs were tired) but you can’t. You have to park and walk about 15-20 minutes first.

We had a great meal with Mom and Dad and then headed home. All in all, I think I’d like to have a do over on yesterday. But in truth, I’d like a do over on everything since the wedding. It feels like Simon just got here last week, and now I’m going to be taking him to the airport next Wednesday.

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  1. Eh, I knew about it, just didn\’t really want to go. It\’s hard to be around people that really love YHC that much for me.

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