Sleep in Heavenly Peace…

Anna Joy
Originally uploaded by Nancy Allen

My Most Perfect and Gorgeous Niece, Anna Joy Allen Grady. This was taken when I was staying with Dave and Sooz, the night before I picked Simon up from the airport. Leah sent me a text asking “How’s it going,” and I sent this pic back in response.

Man, I can’t wait to watch her grow up. Wonder if she’ll call me Aunt Cee Cee?

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  1. She\’s a cutie! Where does Cee Cee come from? Family name?


  2. Kind of a family name. When Susan was little she couldn\’t say Nancy so for a few years she called me Cee Cee. 🙂


  3. I still say \”Aunt-cy\”… a homonym of \”Antsie\”


  4. I love it!!! Please teach her that! What about Unka Simon tho?


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