Have Yourself a Busy Little Christmas…

Things around here are going…well, they’re just going. I think this is the first time I’ve really had to sit down and just think since last Monday, and it’s already giving me a headache. Simon arrived as scheduled Monday the 15th. I got to the airport just after he landed, and stood at the top of the escalator that leads to the baggage claim at Hartsfield for an hour waiting for him to jump through all the hoops required of international arrival. Perfect song after perfect song came on the iPod that would have made his appearance at the top of the escalator a scene to rival the opening ones of Love Actually…and he didn’t appear. Honestly I don’t remember what was on the iPod when he did appear because everything stopped. He was here, in America, and that was literally all that mattered.

We collected his bags and rode MARTA (because really, it’s SMARTA) up to Kensington where my car was waiting, then headed to Susan and Dave’s. Simon got to meet my Most Perfect and Gorgeous Niece, Joy, and then we all enjoyed a magnificent feast put on by my Sleep Deprived Brother in Law. A grand time was had by all.

Back up to Greenville via Canton, GA to pick up the pups. I truly think that Daisy remembered Simon because she danced and pranced and hopped and tried to jump into his arms. What a good girl. H and J couldn’t be bothered with us because we interrupted their naps, I think.

Got to Greenville and we’ve pretty much been on the go ever since! Christmas shopping, two days of work at the University for me, lunch with Mom and Dad down in Commerce…busy busy. If I had any lingering regrets about quitting DMH when I did they’re gone…I couldn’t have kept up this schedule had I not decided to freelance my last two months in the US.

Now on to a bit more freelance work, an overnight with Mom and Dad, two nights with Sooz and Dave, a family Christmas party with Mom’s family and then…the WEDDING.

Wait, let me take a sec to let that sink in…the wedding is a week from Saturday. One.Week.

Okay, now that I’m about to pull out all my hair, I’m off to get ready for a freelance gig and then get the rest of the presents wrapped and Mills to the vet for boarding and the dogs ready to go to their sitter tomorrow and and and…

Merry Christmas, Lettuce Readers. I’ll catch you on the flip side…eat much, love much, laugh much, and count your blessings!

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