Dog Whisperer Comes to Georgia…

3 thoughts on “Dog Whisperer Comes to Georgia…”

  1. This man is a genius, did I spell that right? Anyway, he actually makes people believe he can read the thoughts of animals and the animals can\’t say if he is right or wrong… Why didn\’t \”I\” think of that?! Brilliant!My dog thoughts this morning… \”I\’m hungry, feed me, man it\’s cold, my but itches, im still hungry – feed me!\” Brilliant!

  2. Actually, that isn\’t at all what he does so I\’m assuming you\’re kidding? He has just spent a lot of time watching how dogs interact with each other and has learned how to interact with them in a way that they understand as well as how to structure their lives so that they are happy and therefore, not destructive.

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