Just because I really don’t get it…

Why is it that those that are Pro-Life believe that Pro-Choice=Pro-Abortion? Maybe it means Pro-“I’m going to keep my baby, but if carrying it to term would endanger my life then I’m glad I can still make choices that affect my body without the input of the government.” It might mean Pro-“Thank goodness we live in a country where a moral and religious objection does not become restrictive legislation.”

I am very proudly Pro-Choice. Unless it meant the difference between life and death for me or the pregnancy occurred due to horrible circumstances (incest or rape),I would not personally pursue an abortion because it goes against what I believe and what my church believes. It’s MY choice. Not the government’s.

Ugh. Time to stop reading the news and hit the bed. I’m going to leave comments open for now but if they get ugly they’re getting closed. I really do want to understand because it makes no sense to me.

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  1. That\’s a good point – pro-choice doesn\’t mean that it\’s a choice I\’d ever make for myself or gosh forbid my family. But I value being able to have the right to make that choice. I also get a little weird that the USA allows guns and the death penalty, but the pro-life/pro-choice debate still exists..

  2. That\’s why I agreed with McCain– he would allow abortion if and only if the person was raped or if a person\’s life was endangered.

  3. Actually no, he didn\’t. McCain is not in favor of abortion under any circumstances, and if you go back and look at tapes of the third debate he blatantly shows that he doesn\’t care when he refers to the \”health of the mother.\” I think a few times he agreed that if it was life or death for mom that it was necessary, but never (that I could find anyway) did he say that it was all right in any other situation.

  4. http://www.ontheissues.org/john_mccain.htmThere are statements toward the top that agree with what I said, which is what I went off of.I also watched an interview with Palin where they asked her about her views because they knew that McCain said abortion was okay in those situations, but she believes that it\’s not okay in any situation. Perhaps that\’s where I got it from, if it\’s wrong.

  5. I don\’t think it\’s wrong. I think that there is a difference between what John McCain, R-AZ feels about the pro-choice/pro-life debate and what the McCain/Palin platform believed. There\’s a lot of talk about how the GOP brought her in because McCain was not conservative enough to appeal to Joe the GOP Voter (not Joe the Plumber) and I think this might be a good example of that…but an example, sadly for them, that seems to have backfired.

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