The sweetest sound…

…is the sound of my Hounda starting up, ready to drive. Why have I picked that sound, dear readers? Well…

This weekend I headed up to Charlotte for the Renn Fest as I’ve done almost every weekend since the first of October. I was driving along, talking to Simon on the mobile and actually in a good mood. I got to a gas station and pulled in to refuel. After only spending $25 to fill my tank (I am LOVING the current gas prices) I hopped back in the car and turned the key in the ignition.



Not even clicking.

I did not panic. I did not cry. I called Simon first to tell him what was up and then Leah, because she was driving toward Charlotte as well and had her 16yr old son/amateur mechanic in the car. They came to my rescue, her son looked around under the hood, and pronounced that the issue was probably my battery but might be the alternator.

How to strike fear in the heart of a single woman who’s just quit her full time job to freelance, therefore securing a higher rate of pay without a set date for receiving such pay? Mention the words “replace the alternator” to her five days before her last payday from the prior job. Seriously. You might just get to see her head combust.

They jumped off my car and got me running again, and I headed north to my friend and fellow Rennie Debbie’s house where I was staying for the weekend. Her husband can work on PLANES and according to Debbie “…can take a hunk of metal and turn it into a racecar.” Off the the festival on Saturday and then again on Sunday, while he looked at the car to see if he could fix it.

It was just the battery!! Apparently the original battery was still in the car, and once replaced my Hounda started up like a dream. Thank goodness, since said freelancing is taking me to Georgia this week!

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