This time it wasn’t insomnia…

Last night I was up reading. Reading. For four hours straight.

I haven’t had a book touch me enough or inspire me in that way since I finished the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, and even the last two books of that series didn’t hold me rapt like what I was reading last night.

I’m sure those in the know (and I KNOW that Julie over at Seven Impossible Things has) have already read this series when it first came out. I avoided it because it was Young Adult Literature…I never could get into the Harry Potter books and thought that was the cause.

I now think it’s because HP wasn’t dark enough for me…but I digress. Last night I was up reading New Moon…almost 500 pages in one sitting. I can’t say enough good things about it…and I’m going to get the next one in the series, Eclipse, today. (If you’re interested in the first book, Twilight, click on this post title for the link.)

4 thoughts on “This time it wasn’t insomnia…”

  1. That is by far the best series ever. There\’s a book coming out from Edward\’s perspective soon.If you\’d like to borrow the last book in the series, or eclipse, let me know, because it would be one less thing you\’d have to buy.

  2. I have them both now, but thank you! I\’m almost done with the last one. It is so well written!! I can see myself and some friends of mine from high school in the characters at times…

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