In case my last post wasn’t clear…

I’m still awake…something about finding no less than TEN flies in one’s house and needing them to be DEAD made me a little more awake than I should have been come bed time…

See if you can tell which one is the real thing…

No fair cheating by looking at the opening thumbnails…

Seriously, how scary is it that Tina Fey not only LOOKS just like Sarah Palin, but can sound just like her? Or that Sarah Palin actually said that she watched Tina Fey “with the volume turned down and it was hilarious!”

Or…that she really said what Tina said about a “maritime border between Alaska and Russia…” Also known as one tenet of her foreign policy experience.

A heartbeat away, y’all.

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  1. I can see Russia from my house! 🙂


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