What do you get when you add…

enroute to MAN
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Jet lag, no zyrtec for a week, and a cat that would clearly rather stay at the vet’s than be held by his long suffering Mommy whose allergy ridden head has just come back to Georgia in full bloom and humidity?

Me. Sick as a dog yesterday and aching for allergy/cold meds. Two benadryl later and I couldn’t think straight, let alone keep my eyes open. I was asleep on the couch when the guy from Papa John’s brought my comfort food…err…pizza. I ate some and then went promptly back to sleep. That was at seven thirty EST, otherwise known as midnight BST (British Summer Time). My body thought it was bedtime and when the meds agreed we all took a nice long nap…till 3am when I was wide awake and mostly productive!

So…now I’ve been up for fourteen hours and I’m sleepy and barely able to string a sentence together. Seriously. What I’ve typed so far has taken me much longer than it should have, considering the quality. Here’s hoping I will be back to normal soon…changing my work hours to the middle of the night MIGHT raise a few eyebrows.

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