Vacation, Day Fourteen: Almost Back to the Grind

I’m leaving from Cleveland in about half an hour to head to Anderson and collect my Meee-uhls from the vet. I’m really looking forward to snuggling my wee orange man. It’s amazing how the heart forgets the constant ME-OOOOWING and the running across the face at midnight and the litter box cleanings when one hasn’t had a cat close by for over two weeks. After that, I’ll head over to get Hunky and Jeany. Daisy’s going to ride down to Beach Bound Hounds this weekend with Auntie Leah, so I’ll be getting her then.

While I’m decidedly NOT happy to be away from Simon and interestingly not so comfortable here in the US, I’m desperate to see my critters. Simon and I talked about it while I was visiting last week…I’m not all of me without them. Am I addicted? Sure. Is it a mental illness? Possibly. Do I care if people don’t understand or make fun of how well I treat my animals? Definitely not. They have saved my life more often than I care to count, and I’m a better person for having had them in my life.

Now to get the car loaded (UGH) and then hit the road for South Carolina. I drove Mom and Daddy up from where they collected me at the MARTA station last night, so at least I’m set on which side of the road I should use to drive home. Home to my dirty house. Home to my chair and my TV and hopefully a working refrigerator. Home to a house, really, because my home is four thousand miles away.

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  1. interestingly not so comfortable here in the USIsn\’t that the weirdest feeling? I always attribute it to being exposed to the sun for more than 35 seconds or its not raining for more than 15 minutes. But it probably has something to do with thinking that if I ever got seriously ill, I\’d have to get a second job to pay the bills.Or, maybe its just weird for people to be driving on the right (correct) side of the road, hehe.

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