Vacation Day Eleven: Sheffield

We went to see the dogs run at Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield today and tried to get to a shop that sold Sheffield United Football Club stuff for Dave’s birthday. We found one by accident last time but couldn’t remember where it was this time. The worst part of the day, I think, was not the weirdly hot/cold/hot/cold weather or the lack of a seat for either of us on the train from Leeds to Sheffield (we surfed in the part of the carriage where the toilet was, blissfully it was not in service)…but was the fact that we tried to get to the SUFC football grounds to visit the shop for a birthday present and arrived LITERALLY two minutes after the shop closed. All we got was photos of the football grounds, which are currently uploading to my Flickr as I type.

Simon and I did get to visit Meadowhall for the first time, making that two firsts we’ve had on this holiday. The other was deciding to eat at Nando’s in Leeds after returning/exchanging things at Primark yesterday. Holy YUMMY CHICKEN batman…that was one of the best meals I’ve had in ages. I could have had just the hummus and pita with the Peri Peri sauce drizzled over it and been a happy clam.

After that in Leeds we decided not to try to go up on the moor at Haworth, mainly because it was getting dark. I can lose track of time in Primark and we didn’t even make it to the Market before it closed yesterday.

Tomorrow’s plan is to hit Keighley Market and possibly the one in Bingley, then go look at a house in Steeton tomorrow night…though I would prefer to live in either Wakefield or Leeds. We’ll get to see Simon’s parents tomorrow as well…and then make a final Sainsbury’s run for me before packing up to head to Manchester Airport at SIX AM on Saturday. Give me strength…

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