Vacation Day Ten: PRIMARK RULES

We took a shopping trip to Leeds yesterday with the intent of hitting Leeds Market but got stuck in Primark…holy moly…sweaters for £10, shirts for £2.50…and not junk, either! I got a great blue overcoat for £17 and some stuff that I unfortunately have to take back due to my inability to try on anything in the store…but I’m blaming it on the difference in sizing here. Yeah.

We also hit the Leeds City Art Gallery and saw two paintings by JW Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott(Looking at Lancelot) and Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (which was on loan from Oldham).

Today we’re back to Leeds to exchange those clothes for some that fit and then go…? We had planned a trip to York but I want to go somewhere I haven’t been so we may go up on Ilkley Moor since it isn’t raining, or to Harrogate to see Fountains Abbey. I wanted to visit Edinburgh again on this trip and Simon had joked about taking the Eurostar to Paris, but you have to book things that far away WAY in advance and we didn’t. Might try for a trip to Liverpool today but that’s still a good long train ride. Tune in tomorrow to see where we ended up!!

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  1. You\’ve probably already gone – or figured this out already, but UK sizes are US sizes+4.. so a US16 is a UK20, etc. Also know that Primark, Uniqlo and Muji all run way small. 🙂

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