Vacation Day Nine: Hello from the Piece Hall in Halifax!

“You went to Halifax on your holiday?”

Simon had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon, so we dragged our lazy selves to the train station and headed to Halifax. As we started out for the office from the station, he said to me that he had always thought Halifax looked a bit derelict…which of course made me think of Zoolander but that has been a real theme to this holiday and again, I digress… The area around the train station is a bit dodgy looking but the High Street is quite nice. After his appointment we headed up to the Halifax Borough Market and the Piece Hall for some shopping. You can see more photos (and some from Skipton that were still lingering in my camera) on Flickr.

Long train ride back got us to Leeds in time for rush hour. Man alive can they pack them in on the train! I heard the conductor telling a guy that he just didn’t have room for one more on this train and I remember thinking that there was a bit of space in the overhead bin…

Home via Sainsbury’s and polenta with a bolognaise sauce for our tea…today we are off to my favorite market on the EARTH, Leeds Kirkgate, because (as Simon says) it’s supposed to be peeing it down rain today and who wants to sight see in that?

2 thoughts on “Vacation Day Nine: Hello from the Piece Hall in Halifax!”

  1. polenta with a bolognaise sauce for our tea…Oh the pretense. Let\’s see…I didn\’t know you could put pasta sauce on grits.ORI wonder how you steep pasta sauce and grits into a cup. Does that require cream or sugar?Love you Nan!

  2. It\’s not pretense. Polenta comes in already prepared rolls, and the recipe I used for what I call spaghetti sauce over it came off the wrapper.

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