Vacation, Day Five: Shipley and Keighley

Today got started a bit later, I think, than Simon would have liked. Nasty little thing called JET LAG got in the way and I was in a coma until about 10am local time. My body was absolutely convinced that it was 5am and not even close to time to get up.

We went to Shipley and I got to see the lobby of the building where he works, and then meet his co-workers that came down to say hello. We then had a fantastic buffet lunch at Aagrah in Shipley…that was possibly some of the best curry I’ve ever had, good service, and rather posh environs. A definite must-visit if you ever find yourself in Shipley.

After that we decided just to head back to Keighley, mainly because of the weather. Rainy off and on…more on than off, really. We went to Keighley Market and just did some light shopping, and now I’m catching up all four of my Lettuce readers while Simon takes a nap. I’ve also loaded some photos up on Flickr, so do check that out and keep going back, I’ll be updating it every time I get back in from an outing. I’m using a different camera this time, one borrowed from my parents. It’s a Cannon PowerShot A530 and other than the slightly worrying LONG TIME between pressing the shutter button and the SNAP that means it took the picture, I am loving it. I’m especially loving it’s video function because unlike my Fuji S3000, it has SOUND. How posh am I?

See? You can see AND hear what it’s like to be on a train in the UK…

Okay, so there are better things to video in the UK…that one was an accident, because I’d forgotten that I had just video’ed Simon while waiting at the train station.

Off to edit photos!!

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