Vacation, Day Two: Holy Shopping, Batman!

After a very leisurely morning of doing basically nothing, Mom and Dad and I headed to an outlet mall in Dawsonville, Georgia…along with HALF OF THE POPULATION OF THE STATE. Seriously. There were times when you had to wait a moment for the line to pass you before you could move down an aisle in a store.

We had a good time, as we always do when we go out shopping. My family is probably not alone in our love of shopping, but I doubt that there are many that go shopping while on vacation like we do. I can remember being a child and being on the family summer vacation and going to a mall or other shopping center as an outing! And boy, can we ever shop…my father can work his way through a store in minutes flat, and come back with several things that just look stunning on my mother. The man has a talent.

As a result of the outing yesterday, the lower half of me rather feels like I ran a marathon. However, it’s up and at ’em this morning…suitcases to be repacked, relatives to be visited here in Cleveland, and then I’m off to the airport for the over night flight to Manchester. Wish me luck that the middle seat I’ve been given (on my “overbooked” flight) isn’t between two large people who want to talk to me all the way there…

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