Last night, or rather, this morning I had a dream. I dreamed that I wasn’t with Simon anymore, due to some action on my part, and I’d gotten back together with an old college boyfriend called Charles. We were at some big religious thing, which is appropriate since we met while working at Camp Glisson (a United Methodist summer camp in Georgia and the closest place to Heaven on this earth…but I digress…). I slipped away at some point to ring Simon and make sure he was okay. He was angry on the phone and got even more surly when I suggested that since the ticket was already purchased I might just come on to England on Tuesday. I asked if he’d be around, or if I’d just be wandering around Manchester and Leeds on my own for two weeks (funny that I never thought, in my dream, to head to London and see Liz and Andrew)? He said he didn’t know because some of us have to work for a living…

I woke up feeling just AWFUL. Of course nothing of the sort has happened…Charles is apparently married and has kids, for pete’s sake! Anxiety is a funny thing…it sneaks up on you and pounces when you’re defenseless…like when you’re asleep.

Anyway, off to work. Less anxious somewhat for having talked to Simon. Somewhat.

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