Thank GOD it’s Friday.

Mmmm…POM tea…
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First of all, if you haven’t tried POM pomegranate tea, you totally should. I’m in LOVE…and so is Bernard, apparently…

Not that much to report, really, only that I’m very glad that it’s Friday today. Lots of fantastic blog posts have crossed my mind this week, but I’ve simply been TOO STINKING BUSY to sit down and write them as they come up.

I’m the only interpreter in my region now that N has moved to the Low Country. That means every single assignment that comes up is mine and mine alone…unless it’s something that needs a team, of course. I may be dedicated to my profession but I’m not an idiot nor am I a martyr. If I want to keep being able to provide communication access to folks that can’t communicate with each other, it’s downright stupid to think I can be superwoman and interpret long assignments alone.

Oh, and then there’s the minor issue of the PAIN that it causes. Now, I know that K is reading this and I’m NOT NOT NOT trying to make you feel guilty. Not in the least. I learned a lesson this week, and that is I can’t interpret an hour of support group meeting alone. Period. How do I know? After attempting that on Tuesday (not the first time I’ve done that, either), on Wednesday I had pain in my right elbow like I’ve NEVER felt. Sharp. Shooting. KILL ME NOW pain. Thursday it was better (with tylenol, GOD BLESS MEDICATION) and by today it seems to be gone.

In addition to work, I’ve been totally blessed to have two furry houseguests these past two weeks. Bernard and DeNiro have been as good as gold…I honestly forget that they are here a lot of the time! I took all five pups to play day last night which was an adventure, to say the least. Did you know that five greyhounds will NOT fit in a Honda Element comfortably unless you take the seats completely out? File that away for future reference. I have the pictures to prove it.

The dogs ran around and socialized while I worried about the family that showed up with twin toddler boys and LET THEM IN THE FIELD. Now I understand childcare can be an issue and if your kid is raised with big dogs then they’re accustomed to them, etc etc. I fully intend to NEVER be without animals as a part of my family. I feel it makes for better adults to grow up loving animals and learning to care for them. However, these kids were used to ONE greyhound. We had about 15 out on the field last night. And tell me this, those of you that read me that have kids, how many toddlers do you know that will sit quietly on a bench in a dugout for two hours? Yeah, thought so. NONE.

So I quietly panicked every time the mob of dogs got anywhere near those kids and verbally panicked when H did. He loves kids and loves babies even more but sometimes forgets that he outweighs them when he tries to get them to play. All I need is to be sued by someone because my geriatric greyhound knocked her toddler down…a toddler that had no business in that fence to start with in my opinion.

Storing the soapbox away till another post…

I’m off now to get ready for two appointments followed by some birthday shopping for my mom and then hummus preparing and muffin baking! It’s going to be a full day, but it’s FRIDAY!!!

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