Very Pissy Lettuce

That really is a gross title for a post, but it pretty much sums up where I am right now. In case anyone is still reading, here are the things causing this week’s trauma…

1. I have no outlets in my “office” that are three prong. I can’t plug anything in that is remotely even thinking about being connected to my desktop without a three prong outlet.

2. Driving for two hours makes you look unprofessional when you arrive. Wire hangers? No, today it’s NO MORE LINEN TROUSERS.

3. I’m staring down an appointment at 3:30pm that is approximately 2.5-3hrs away on Tuesday.

4. I have grown to loathe the letters ETA when they appear on my pager prior to the time that I’m supposed to be at an appointment. They make me even more angry when they are followed by either ? or PING!

5. It has now been four months since I’ve seen Simon, and it will probably be at least 2 more before I do. I’m not really sure why some of those in my close circle don’t get why that makes me (at best) a little twitchy.

Soon it will be August and I will be five months away from leaving most of that pissy behind me and moving to my new life. And on days like today, I CAN’T WAIT.

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  1. Aw, Nan. It\’ll be at least a couple of months before I see my hubby, too. I feel your pain.


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