Daisy in Orange
Originally uploaded by Nancy Allen

I love this dog. That’s pretty much the long and short of it. Daisy came into my life almost four years ago, virtually, when she was born as many of us “watched” via a message board. I put my name in to adopt her two months later, and I’ve fallen more head over heals in love ever since.

She came home and filled a huge hole in my house and my heart caused by the death of my Profile, and I will never stop believing that he gave up his seat, so to speak, for her because somehow he knew that I needed her.

I only wish that I could live my life with one tenth of the joy that she has in that wiggly body at any given time. I love my Daisy Baby, my Puppy Girl (or Psycho Puppy Girl/PPG to her closest friends), my Sweet Pea. Loving a soul like hers and being loved in return by her is just simple. Perfect, and simple.

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