Because I wasn’t already positive that I’m an old lady…

Click on the link in the title. It will take you to Free Mosquito Ringtones. I was appropriately horrified this morning to discover that I actually can’t hear the “30 and under” ringtones and can only JUST make out the “39 and under” selection. How low can YOU go?

3 thoughts on “Because I wasn’t already positive that I’m an old lady…”

  1. i\’m in the 39 and younger section too… andrew can hear the 24 and younger ones! bless his non-club, concert going and fun having heart!

  2. Oy vah! I can hear them all, even down to the 18 year old ring tone at the bottom. But now, I feel quite nauseated and woozy…. no kidding, I did hear them. Now, yech! At least my 36 year old head did not explode. You know – we have known each other for 19 years. Talk about old…

  3. that\’s a long time to know someone… when did we get so old? I know my hearing is wacked out from too many loud concerts and clubs – ah, good times!

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