Is it Wrong…?

…to wonder why I sometimes smell dead things in and around my house, but can’t find the source?

…to wish that the people that worked at the dry cleaner’s next door would stop talking so loudly in the parking lot that I can hear them inside my house with the doors shut?

…to ponder letting the dogs out because I know they’d run to the fence and said dry cleaner employees would run screaming back into their building?

…to wait until the 16th to buy a new vacuum, making it a month and a half since my house has been vacuumed?

…to hope that I don’t go overdrawn in my checking account before the 16th?

…to be anxious that today is exactly six months till my wedding! (thank you, Simon…)

6 thoughts on “Is it Wrong…?”

  1. Damn those dry cleaner employees – may they one day cleanse their souls – the same way they whiten and starch our shirts!

  2. If only I\’d paid more attention in Madame Gring-Whitley\’s Spanish class, I\’d know how to say \”Turn those machines off before I hurt you with them.\”

  3. You could call her and ask… she is still there afterall. I was thinking about that song we used to sing to the tune of Tiffany\’s remake of \’I saw him standing there\’ do you remember that? You do realize we live only an hour apart, correct?

  4. She\’s still there, and her husband is one of my mom and dad\’s best friends. I remember singing it, but I don\’t remember the words. Old Age. I\’m going to be in Columbia for a meeting on Thursday, but I have to get back to the Upstate right when it\’s done, dang it!

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