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On the road again…
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So I was playing Everquest tonight…yeah, I play, so? Anyway, it was getting close to this Bonzo’s Bedtime when the game crashed on me. As I was waiting for it to load back in, I dozed off.

Oops, forgot something important. About 5 minutes before said crash I’d let the dogs out in the yard. Checked it for critters and stray cats and came back inside “just to check on the computer” before going back outside with the dogs until they were done and ready to come in.

Now then, we rejoin the blog where I fell asleep. I was out for only a few minutes, but came to because I heard furious barking from the yard. I was on my feet running for the door before I was fully awake.

I flew through the door and rounded the corner of the house to see a police car in my driveway. Never.Ever.Good. The police were leading my neighbor (who is mentally challenged) back into his house…apparently he was walking around the neighborhood inappropriately attired. I struck up a nice conversation with one of the policemen after he asked about the dogs. Simon, good foster that he is, even stood up on the railway sleeper that is at the base of the fence so that the man didn’t have to reach far to get to greyhound ears.

All of this on the heels of one of the most stressful days I’ve had at work in quite some time. Literally, I was teetering on the brink a few times of emailing my resignation letter and running away to Montana or somewhere nice…where you don’t have to drive two hours one way to get to work ever, nor do you have to fight with Columbia traffic or spend several hours thinking that even though you’ve already been down there once you’re going to go again and not get home till very very late…but I digress.

I got the work issue mostly sorted (sadly not without resorting to sounding like a pissy teenager in emails, but still) and made my dinner. Handmade (seriously, no spoon, only my “paws,” can you believe it?) salsa turkey burger on a whole wheat bun with sweet potato crisps. Lovely and more filling than I’d thought it would be!

Sat down to play EQ, was having a lovely time but getting sleepy, and that, beloveds, is when I let the dogs out…only to break a land-speed record getting out there when I heard that bark a few minutes later.

Silly doggies…they were rubbernecking worse than drivers on I-26 in rush hour on a Friday…I nearly had to drag them inside. And now? Now I’m putting Bonzo to Bed. I’ve been up WAY too long today and that little catnap here at the desk didn’t even touch my tiredness.

Envy me, why don’t you, and my never ever dull life…

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