Back to the Grind…

Got my commuter face on…
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But it’s going to be a slow week and a short week, so maybe it won’t be too awful. I swear, last week lasted about a month, and having a short weekend due to spending yesterday at the Georgia Renaissance Festival didn’t help. The older I get, the more I need to spend lots and lots of time doing lots and lots of nothing to make up for the lots and lots I do.

Yesterday at GARF was lovely. The people down there are so nice to us and we love going to visit, even if it does get hotter than the surface of a dying star quickly in Georgia in the spring. I was amused yesterday to think of how many of the folks that work there (and at the Carolina festival) I can recognize by sight but have NO idea what their names are…sometimes not even their character names.

I’ve had my scotch egg fix now, though, and should be good until CRF in October. I did get a little misty on the ride home yesterday (in between blasts of cold air from the A/C in an attempt to stay awake) thinking that I had just finished my last performance with GARF.

There are going to be a lot of those this year…my last time going to CRF, my last Beach Bound Hounds…and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in sadness and slide off my plateau that I’ve mentioned in other posts. But this morning I was doing a flickr surf and found some photos of an interpreting colleague of mine and his family…and that helped because I was looking at him and his wife and kids and thinking, “Now I can have that too…Simon and I can have kids and trips to the zoo and nursery school programs and field days and and and…” and somehow that made the melancholy lift a bit.

Off to get the house cleaned up…someone is coming to appraise it for the upcoming sale (yay for rental house living…you just never know…) and if I don’t get it tidy then the poor man won’t be able to reach the walls, let alone measure for square footage!

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