Momma, I’m coming home…

You Rang?
Originally uploaded by Nancy Allen

Simon, my foster dog, will be coming back to me this week. I’d hoped that he would wind his way into the heart of another member of my greyhound group like he has into my own heart, but alas, she is a stronger Nancy than I am.

I have to pretend that I mind, but in truth I don’t. I love this knucklehead, and if it weren’t for the astronomical cost of shipping four animals to the UK in January…well, I just think that my bank account would explode should I try to add a fifth.

(For those doing the math, it’s three greyhounds and Mills…)

So, are you looking for the perfect dog? Do you mind being joined on the sofa for a snuggle while watching television? Do you long for a set of gorgeous brown eyes to look up at you? How about a dog that’s so smart, he nods his head when you ask him questions?

(Okay, that last part is just coincidence… he nods equally for “Do you need to go out?” and “Would you like to go back to the vet and have more teeth pulled?”)

Sweet Simon…never was a greyhound more aptly named, and never, not even Sammie or Henry, will a foster take more of my heart when he finds his own home than Simon will. See ya soon, Si-Si.

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