Welcome to my Forehead.

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So much going on…so little brain cells to cope with it all…

This is pretty much how I look most days. Note the furrowed brow and the raised eyebrows. There is something to be said for adrenaline, because I think that’s all I’m running on these days.

The wedding has to be planned. Three of the four members of the wedding party that aren’t the bride and groom live across an ocean.

Oh yeah, speaking of that ocean, I have to move across it in about nine months. Before that, though, I have to move down the street here in Greenville, and then into my grandmother’s house in Georgia.

It’s enough to make you crazy. Oh, speaking of that, work is more often than not a headache. The joys of working a government job and supervising people that are not in the same physical area you are in…it just never seems to end.

Speaking of ends, I’m watching Hunky’s carefully. He had a “boo boo tummy” last Thursday and Friday which kept us home from the Renn Fest in Georgia. Since Friday there’s been no movement on that front, literally…well, until Daisy got sick for two hours straight on the rug next to my bed.

Note the eyes in the photo…that’s called tired, boys and girls. Tired.

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