More Proof

All you can do in this world, I think, is try to be a good person. Try to help your fellow man or woman or child. Try to give what you have that you don’t need. Try to be a shoulder for someone else to cry on when they need it. Try to make right the wrongs that you can, and continue to fight for the ones you can’t.

Because this world, beloveds, is horrible. It is full of people that do and say as they please with no regard for anyone else but themselves and theirs. It is overflowing with people who have so much yet ignore those that have so little. This world rewards selfishness. It rewards greed and blind ambition. This world praises competition to the point of ruthlessness. This world stomps on the heads of those deemed lesser on it’s way to becoming greater.

My friend Trish died today. Totally unexpectedly. Into hospital overnight last night and by tonight she’s gone. Trish, who took in ferrets that had been raised in mills and through love turned their tiny worlds around and gave them a home rather than just an existence, who took shy greyhounds and turned them into happy dogs, and who was raising a stunning reef. Trish, who listened to me cry and scream and rail against the world, God, and parts of my own family when my aunt died last August. Trish, who always seemed to know that right thing to say to make you smile, and who never let on that she was hurting or sick if she thought that a friend needed her.

I never met Trish in person. I knew her via a message board called GreyTalk, and more intimately when she adopted her girl Flippy through Follow That Hound. She wept with me over Profile’s loss, and cried happy tears that she would get to meet Hunk after he was found cancer free…she’d fallen in love with him through my books.

Trish was good and honest and loving…and she is gone, while others not so good nor honest nor loving still walk the world. The world that didn’t deserve her. So be kind to each other, if you can…this is just more proof that all we can do in the world today is find ways to survive.

I would never ignore a word of anything you entrusted me with, Nan. Know that now and always. I’m here for you, any time. Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid to call, or txt. All my love, the pups, and the rest of the critter’s but some of them aren’t quite as cuddly and comforting as others. LOL! I’m so so sorry for this loss, and I will vow to you to do everything I can to be here for you. You also have a strong circle of friends, and you know that. They’re all there for you too. Thank you for trusting me into that circle by sharing this letter with me. Everything you say to me, stays between us, unless you request otherwise.

Here’s a Flippy kiss. I guarantee you can’t get away from a Flippy kiss and a little of her talking, without a smile, even a tiny one.

Love ya, girlfriend,

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  1. Thank you. I feel funny even thinking of it as \”my\” loss since I never met her face to face…but the world is just a bit dimmer today I think.

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