Is it still called "Vacation Head…"

…if you aren’t coming back?

Now that everyone knows our plans and I think I have the support of my family and friends in our decision to live in the UK, I feel like I’m ready for it to happen now. Now. Yesterday. Soon.

I have never been very good with being patient.

I found myself being very slack with work last week. This week I almost considered letting one of our clinicians interpret for her own client (something I’m vehemently against for ethical and boundary reasons) just so that I could take some time off and go to Atlanta to see Liz and Andrew before they head back to the UK this weekend…why? Of course because I love them dearly, but also because they are a link to Simon and a link to my new life…and because if Andrew talks to me long enough I can almost hear the Yorkshire in his voice.

Liz will get me for that one, I’m sure…love you, ebeth. Mmmmmwa.

Simon and I started going through my collection of Very Important Things that Must Move With Me Everytime I Move while he was here…boxes of old receipts, tons of old photographs, clothes that haven’t been out of boxes in more than five years…stuff. It’s all just stuff and I still have a good metric TON to go through before I move.

Before I move…in February of 2009. I say it like that and it sounds like it’s a million miles away. But if I let myself think on it too long it’s right around the corner and I start feeling like I’m never going to get everything done on time.

Serious Vacation Head. Can you call in sick for that?

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