A Nancy by Any Other Name…

So all I wanted was to be Nancy Allen again. No more Lassiter, that’s his name and not mine. Nancy Elizabeth Allen…just in time to become Nancy Elizabeth Dunne but that’s another issue all together.

Because I did not appear in court on the day of my divorce hearing (upon the advice of my ex-husband’s lawyer), the request made in the divorce papers to have my maiden name restored was not granted. Okay…trying hard not to get too wound up over that. I did what I was told and was stuck with Lassiter even though I was told I’d be Allen again.

Because…well, I really don’t know why, actually, I was never sent a certified and real copy of the divorce decree. I got a PDF copy forwarded to me from my ex-husband that was presumably sent to him by his lawyer. Okay…so now I have to go to Spartanburg County and pay for a copy of something I should have been sent in the first place.

And because of all of this ridiculousness I can’t change my name now because that process, per the SSA, could take up to 4-6 weeks to get my card back with my new name, and I don’t think I can change my name on my passport if it isn’t attached to my social security number…and by the time that’s done, I won’t have the two months or more it will take to get my new passport before I potentially go visit Simon in May.

I’m going to be Lassiter till I marry Simon, I’m afraid. A Nancy by Any Other Name may still be Nancy, but she’s not a Happy Nancy, to be sure.

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