Not really. Well, kinda. No, not really.

I’m sitting here watching the incredibly nice guy from Safelite replace my windshield and I’m telling you, I haven’t seen anything this fascinating in a LONG time. Who knew that it was that easy to take out a windshield? Not me, that’s for sure. I thought, as I told him earlier while giggling like a teenager, that it was somehow made into the car and that the entire front half would have to come loose in order for it to somehow be demolished with a hammer and then the broken and sharp bits removed.

Not so, my crazy customer-lady, not so.

He took this part and that part off, removed a screw here and a bolt there, went inside the car with something that looked rather sudsy and applied said suds to the bottom of the windshield and then POOF, lifted it out! I admit that I missed the part between the suds and the poof because I was drying my hair, but geez-o-miney, was that ever cool! I walked out to ask if he could make sure I keep the sticker from Sears reminding me about an oil change and there sat my car, sans windshield and no bits of anything anywhere to tell where it had gone or how it had been removed.

And yeah, when I opened the door the first words out of my mouth were HOLY MOLY.

I tried to take some pictures but wouldn’t you know that when I uploaded my renn fest pics last SUNDAY I left the camera on? Besides, if I’d taken pictures then I’d be a stalker…right?

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