I want my do-over.

Yesterday I went to Columbia to cover an interpreting assignment. It had been canceled and I think everyone knew but me. So after half an hour of waiting, I headed back to Greenville.

I’m going north on I-26 and admittedly am doing 80 in a 70. Another SUV who has been behind me moves to my right (I just hang out in the left lane) and then swerves in front of me as we start down a hill. I pay attention to the SUV as some very unfriendly thoughts cross my mind. Suddenly I see blue lights…AH the state trooper is going to pull this yahoo over for cutting me off!


Despite the fact that there was half a car length between me and said yahoo, the cop said that he clocked us BOTH doing 84 mph and pulled us both over. I was almost in danger of resisting arrest because at first he pulled up next to me and motioned to the side. Great, he’s pulling me. I slow down, he zooms in front of me after the yahoo. Great! He is going after the real offender! He pulls that guy over and I continue down the road.

Wrong again.

I see in my rear-view the cop followed by the yahoo so I pull over. That’s when I’m told I was doing 84 and given a ticket.

If I’d been told that the appointment was canceled I wouldn’t have that ticket. First speeding ticket in almost 10 years. I want my do-over and I want it NOW.

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