This is for Katy.

-Registration was a breeze. Pre-registration is the way to go.

-I clearly need someone to look after me when it comes to arriving at the airport on time. Larry the Cable Guy that I sat next to on the way to San Antonio (after arriving at GSP at O Dark Thirty) was nothing compared to the poor folks that have to work at Hartsfield and deal with shmucks like me that arrive at baggage check two minutes after their plane is done accepting checked baggage.

-I made it to the opening ceremony, and saw everything from the Village People to men in drag SIGNING Dude Looks Like a Lady. Top drawer, foh-sho.

-It has been ten years since my first RID conference. I think I’m now easing into the category of interpreters with salt and pepper on their heads. (think of that one in ASL, it will make more sense)

-I miss my roommate. It’s not the same. Think Kurt will send ME roses this year? 🙂

Just kidding, I’d be totally mortified if he did. 😀 Simon, on the other hand…doesn’t read my blog. Anyway…

I have NO idea what time it is…my watch and laptop say that it’s 12:34 am. My blackberry says that it’s 9:34 pm. The part of my brain that lives in Yorkshire says that it’s 5:34 am tomorrow morning…but I’m not sure what day that is, really.

It’s going to be a good conference, and I’m sure that my workshop will be fine.

This is for Katy.

Philly in 2009, baby!!!

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