Twas the night before conference and all through the manse
Not a human was stirring, they all seemed in a trance.
While Davey snoozing on the four poster bed,
Our Susan had visions of Days in her head.
My case was all opened, it covered the floor!
My laptop a humming, plugged in near the door,
I sat on the bed, wishing dearly for sleep
But it came not, not even after I’d counted sheep.

Why was I nervous? What could be the matter?
I’d spring from my bed, but that would cause a clatter.
So I’ll sit here and surf, the internet awaits
Till my alarm sounds in five hours, the sound that I hates!

Yeah, why am I still awake, and further, writing bad poetry? 8 hours from now I’ll be on a plane, headed for San Francisco to the RID, Inc conference where I’ll be with people like me…people that get me…people that live the double life I lead as an interpreter…and I’ll have to stand up in front of them and give a presentation when my mind is still in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina…with my aunt, my dogs, and my new job, rather than focused on Interpreting for Deaf Professionals in Clinical Settings. As Liz says from time to time, Oh, the GLAMOUR!

Maybe if I had this curling iron masquerading as a laptop off my legs I could actually get some sleep…Next post from San Fran!

(or at least from the airport…)

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